Younger children may struggle to process difficult feelings in relation to life events such as bereavement or parental divorce or separation for example. Counselling can help children to process these difficult feelings through play but can also help them to recognise different feelings, develop emotional vocabulary, and to help them to regulate emotions.   Therapy may consist of play therapy, creative expression, puppet play or role play. 


I work within an ethical code which means I must protect the confidentiality of the people I work with.  In general I do not share details of the sessions with parents or guardians. However, in exceptional circumstances if I have significant concerns or am required by law, then I may have to break this code of confidentiality by speaking to your parent, guardian or doctor.  We would, however, speak together about this process and find the best way together of doing this. 



 "The move forward in Chloe's persona and character is very noticable and is exactly where I hoped she would be; thank you. I am delighted to see Chloe is freely happy, smiling and back to her natural self, you have worked some magic!" parent of 16 year old, May 2019

"Peter is definitely a happier soul, more open to talking to us about stuff and meltdowns have reduced and you can now reason with him once he has calmed down.  Thank you for everything you have done for us we really appreciate all your help" parent of 7 year old, Feb 2019

* all names anonymised 


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