Counselling is a safe space to talk about thoughts, feelings and emotions that may be causing distress.  Sometimes, you may not know what is causing the distress and counselling can be a way of exploring this with another adult, outside of your family.  Sometimes feelings can result in behaviours that we do not understand. Counselling can offer a way forward to reflect what may lie at the root cause of behaviours but it can also be a place to consider strategies and solutions. Sometimes you may need to just talk, other times we may work creatively to help your process, but only if that feels right for you. 



Younger children may struggle to process difficult feelings in relation to life events such as bereavement or parental divorce or separation for example. Counselling can help children to process these difficult feelings through play but can also help them to recognise different feelings, develop emotional vocabulary, and to help them to regulate emotions.   Therapy may consist of play therapy, creative expression, puppet play or role play. 


I work within an ethical code which means I must protect the confidentiality of the people I work with.  In general I do not share details of the sessions with parents or guardians. However, in exceptional circumstances if I have significant concerns or am required by law, then I may have to break this code of confidentiality by speaking to your parent, guardian or doctor.  We would, however, speak together about this process and find the best way together of doing this. 


My Approach

My approach is person-centred and psychodynamic, but where appropriate, at times I use cognitive behaviour techniques. I often work creatively with young people using a range of art techniques or play therapy which can involve puppets, sand tray work, painting, drawing, clay or role play. However, each client is unique and may require different approaches.  Young adults sometimes may prefer talking therapy, using the space to be heard and listened to.  For other clients, a solutions focused approach may work best or the use of cognitive behaviour techniques which can result in changes in patterns of thinking and behaving. 


A first session will be with the parent/authorised carer to gain an overview of family history and assessment. This is however dependant on the age of the client.  An older teen or young person may be seen where appropriate without parental involvement.  This first appointment is at a reduced fee of £25 to establish whether you feel me to be a good fit with yourself or your child.  For the young person themselves,  I will complete a separate age appropriate assessment in their first session. In this first session we will discuss the aims of the therapy and a suggested number of sessions.  This will depend on the severity of the problems.  Short term working is on average 10 -12 sessions, but longer may be needed depending on the individual. My fee per session is £50.

Sessions are for 50 minutes and in order to aid the therapeutic process and successful outcomes, a weekly comittment is required to a consistent mutually agreed time. As time progresses sessions may then become bi-monthly.  A contract is signed by both parties before therapy can commence. Cancellations are required up to a week in advance otherwise the fee will be charged.  




The space is a confidential one for the young person and whilst I am unable to discuss in detail the sessions with you, either before or after the session, I will arrange a free of charge telephone call with you at various review points to see if there is progress within the agreed outcomes. This would last approximately 30 - 40 minutes.  


Planned endings are best for the young person as part of the counselling relationship.  If the parent wishes to terminate counselling, a minimum of 2 sessions should be allowed for this to take place. 


 "The move forward in Chloe's persona and character is very noticable and is exactly where I hoped she would be; thank you. I am delighted to see Chloe is freely happy, smiling and back to her natural self, you have worked some magic!" parent of 16 year old, May 2019

"Peter is definitely a happier soul, more open to talking to us about stuff and meltdowns have reduced and you can now reason with him once he has calmed down.  Thank you for everything you have done for us we really appreciate all your help" parent of 7 year old, Feb 2019

* all names anonymised